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Ratko Mladić

Buildings devastated during the 1992-95 siege of Sarajevo. Photo taken in May 1996. (Photo: Quasimodogeniti/Wikimedia Commons)
Rachel Irwin
13 Jun 14
Ex-soldier says weapons were found in humanitarian shipments for besieged city.
Rachel Irwin
30 May 14
Ex-officer claims his men “never opened fire without a good reason” during Sarajevo siege.
Rachel Irwin
28 May 14
His team wants to call 336 witnesses, although list may be amended.
Ratko Mladic in court this week as his defence case got under way.  (Source: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
23 May 14
Former army subordinates say they were never told to fire on civilians, and did not mount offensive operations.
Rachel Irwin
9 May 14
Defence team given an extra week to prepare after reporting computer operating glitches.
Rachel Irwin
1 May 14
Legal team argue that preparations have been delayed by glitches in new computer system.
Judge Alphons Orie. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
17 Apr 14
Lawyers to begin presenting defence case next month.
Rachel Irwin
11 Apr 14
Defence had asked for charges to be dropped under a procedure that is part of tribunal rules.
Dragan Ivetic, defence lawyer in the Mladic case at the ICTY. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
21 Mar 14
Defence lawyer asks judges to consider dropping individual charges, rather than only acquitting defendant due to lack of evidence to support entire counts.
Ratko Mladic in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
28 Feb 14
Defence case of former Bosnian Serb army chief is expected to begin in May.