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Lubanga Trial Coverage

Thomas Lubanga Dyilo trial opened on 26 January 2009. On 14 March 2012 Lubanga was found guilty of abducting boys and girls under the age of 15 and forcing them to fight in a war in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2002 and 2003. He faced a maximum sentence of 30 years when sentenced in July 2012.

IWPR Covered the trial from 2009 to 2010.

Wairagala Wakabi
15 Nov 10
He rejects allegations that he offered money and then coached an individual who went on to testify for the prosecution.
Wairagala Wakabi
1 Nov 10
As the Lubanga trial resumes, the question of payments made to intermediaries take centre stage again.
Wairagala Wakabi
16 Jul 10
Prosecutors have five days to appeal a court decision to free alleged Congolese warlord.
Wairagala Wakabi
9 Jul 10
Court hears prosecution declined to obey order issued by judges.
Wairagala Wakabi
7 Jul 10
ICC prosecutors' intermediary rebuts claims that he sought to concoct evidence against Lubanga.
Wairagala Wakabi
21 Jun 10
Witness says most were made to cover transportation, subsistance and communications costs.
Wairagala Wakabi
7 Jun 10
With the defence hopeful Lubanga case can be thrown out, prosecutors prepare to refute recent allegations.
Wairagala Wakabi
11 Mar 10
Witness describes UPC commanders wearing Ugandan military uniforms in photographs.
22 Feb 10
Lawyers want judge to allow them to share case details with Katanga defence team.
Rachel Irwin
15 Feb 10
Involvement of Congolese in process sparks debate.