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ICTY - Ratko Mladić Trial

Wartime Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladić was arrested in Serbia and transferred to the ICTY in May 2011. Since then, IWPR has been producing comprehensive analysis and reports on his case as part of its long standing International Justice/ICTY programme.

Prosecution witness Dean Manning in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
12 Jul 13
“All those individuals were killed at the same time in the same manner,” former Hague investigator says at Mladic trial.
Velma Šarić
5 Jul 13
“There's no way you could count every single man murdered by every single one of us”, says Srebrenica death squad member.
Prosecution witness Srecko Acimovic testifying against wartime Bosnian Serb army commander Ratko Mladic. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
28 Jun 13
Witness says he was told to find troops to carry out killings, but would not do so.
Chief prosecutor Serge Brammertz. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
25 Jun 13
Serge Brammertz still won’t comment on Judge Harhoff letter controversy, but says court decision to acquit Serbian secret service officers was “unjust”.
Dragomir Keserovic, prosecution witness in the Ratko Mladic trial. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
20 Jun 13
Former Bosnian Serb officer claims he never discussed mass killings with General Mladic.
Ratko Mladic in the ICTY cortroom. (Photo: ICTY)
Velma Šarić
14 Jun 13
He and one other man survived by playing dead.
Momir Nikolic giving evidence in the Mladic trial. (Photo: ICTY)
Velma Šarić
7 Jun 13
“I was only following orders, but I took part in a horrible crime,” convicted army officer tells tribunal.
Mirko Trivic appeared as a prosecution witness in the trial of Ratko Mladic. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
24 May 13
Colonel Mirko Trivic was part of the forces that captured Srebrenica in July 1995.
Prosecution witness Mirsada Malagic in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
17 May 13
Witness describes reassurances from Bosnian Serb commanders.
Rachel Irwin
3 May 13
Witness describes how Serb troops took man aside and shot him, and later how his own UN unit handed over its weapons.