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The Domestic Abuse Pandemic

Violence soars amid lockdown, quarantine and economic stress.

Rates of domestic abuse have surged across the world since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Lockdown and quarantine have left many women stuck at home, living with abusive partners or family members. With economies hard hit across the world, unemployment and financial hardship have exacerbated the crisis.

IWPR is working with local partners to highlight the problem - raising awareness, supporting women speaking out and pressing the authorities to take action.


Laura Rodríguez Fuentes
25 Aug 20
Activist groups struggle to overcome lack of legislation or state support.
Official representatives meet civil society in Gagauzia to discuss domestic violence. (Photo: Moldova government website)
Piotr Garciu
9 Jun 20
Entire territory currently only has safe accommodation for a maximum of four women.
Nelly Duryan, who heads the police department that works to protect juveniles’ rights and combat domestic violence, said that there had been no increase in reports of abuse. (Photo: Armenia Polie Department)
Gayane Mkrtchyan
4 Jun 20
Campaigners warn that government statistics showing no rise in abuse do not reflect reality.
(Photo: RFE/RL Kyrgyzstan)
1 Jun 20
The state of emergency has now been extended indefinitely.
Illustration by Sara Khayat.
29 May 20
IWPR’s Liberated_T video highlights problem of social blindness amid the pandemic.
(Photo: Ezra Acayan/Getty Images)
27 May 20
Abuses, including the sexual exploitation of children, rising under lockdown.
March protesting domestic violence, Chisinau 8 March, 2020.(Photo: Life without Violence in the Family)
Madalin Necsutu
27 May 20
Abuse soars during lockdown, but facilities to address the problem lag far behind.
(Photo: Freepik)
Asel Sultan
10 May 20
Activists call for government to take further action during crisis period.