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Request for Quotation

Personal Security Training

Subject: Request for Quotations

Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR) invites your firm to participate in this competitive solicitation for pricing, delivery, and terms of potential sale on the following products/services for IWPR’s office in the US and UK.


IWPR is an independent, non-governmental organization which gives voice to people at the frontlines of conflict and transition to help them drive change.


IWPR seeks a training provider to deliver personal security training to staff and consultants.

General Requirements

  • Provider of personal security training to ensure staff are appropriately prepared to travel to challenging locations.
  • Able to provide regular training courses on the areas below.

Personal Security Training Terms

  1. Counter surveillance procedures (rural);
  2. Counter surveillance procedures (urban);
  3. Prevention and reaction to criminality: burglary; carjacking; sexual assault; armed robbery; assault;
  4. Digital security;
  5. Psychological trauma risk management;
  6. Risk assessment;
  7. Trauma first aid: catastrophic haemorrhage; road traffic collision (RTC), pre-hospital care, medical evacuation;
  8. Arrest, detention, hostage and kidnap awareness;
  9. Reaction to smalls arms fire, explosion, crossfire;
  10. Scenario-based assessment of learning;
  11. Communication and navigation systems;
  12. Developing situational awareness;
  13. Travel risk management;
  14. Environmental and fire safety;
  15. Lone traveller security procedures.

Price Schedule

Total price must include all taxes and fees, in US Dollar, and should be expressed in a per unit basis, based on the needs listed in Chart 1 (see linked PDF below).

Full Details

For further detail about this RFQ please see IWPR-RFQ-Security-training-240918.pdf

Schedule of Events

Questions regarding this request may be addressed to ChrisShirley cshirley@iwpr.net, and Dougie McLeod dmcleod@iwpr.net, and must be received no later than 24/09/2018. Responses to questions will be distributed to all interested parties no later than date.

Responses to the RFQ should be addressed to the attention of Dougie McLeod dmcleod@iwpr.net.

The deadline for responses is 24 Sept 2018.