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Request for Proposals

Syria: Advocacy Trainer for SGBV Survivors, Detainees, Families of the Disappeared

IWPR seeks a professional trainer to deliver a training of trainers on advocacy techniques specifically in relation to SGBV prevention, human rights abuses documentation and media coverage. The training will target 12 individuals from victims groups: detainees, SGBV survivors, or families of the missing or forcibly disappeared. The trainer is expected to introduce the attendees to effective advocacy campaigns techniques and media engagement to raise awareness on the project’s documentation and findings on the experiences of detainees, missing persons, and survivors and their legal rights. The trainer must also guide the attendees in forming groups of 2-3 to draft proposals based on the training including a full plan and budget for an advocacy campaign for funding consideration. The trainer is also expected to collaborate with IWPR’s panel in selecting campaigns to receive small grant funding to be implemented with the close mentorship and support of both the trainer and IWPR.

The purpose of this RFQ is to solicit quotations for these services. Therefore, IWPR invites you to participate in this competitive solicitation and submit your quotes following the content of the RFQ. IWPR is an independent, non-governmental organization, which gives voice to people at the frontlines of conflict and transition to help them drive change.

Trainer will be required to:

A) Developing an Advocacy toolkit in Arabic

The toolkit will have to include all necessary training content to be used by the trainees in the field. The selected offerror will have to submit a detailed proposal of what the toolkit will include.

B) Train the participants on advocacy for SGBV prevention, human rights abuses media documentation and transitional justice


  • What is advocacy AND why advocating for SGBV prevention, human rights abuses media documentation and coverage is important
  • Different levels of advocacy
  • Developing Strategies for advocacy at different levels in a community
  • Identifying common goals, Identifying targets and messaging
  • Networking and coalition building
  • Developing advocacy proposals (idea, background, implementation plan, Gender plan, M&E plan, risk assessment, media plan…)

C) Mentorship and Guidance to graduates who will implement advocacy campaigns

  • Provide assistance and mentorship during the campaign period
  • Provide mentorship and guidance with the process of drafting 6 advocacy concepts for an online advocacy campaign covering the topics of former detainees, S/GBV survivors and families of the disappeared. The campaigns should cover the issues documented in the report that our partner worked on. This information will be provided at a later stage.
  • Submitting to IWPR the final 6 concepts ready for implementation.

Qualifications of a Successful Candidate: 

  • University degree in, communication, training, advocacy or other related fields
  • Experience in developing and monitoring of advocacy campaigns online and offline
  • A minimum of five (5) years of progressively advanced professional training in the mentioned field
  • Proven familiarity with Syrian context and an excellent understanding of the conflict issues and community security
  • Experience in facilitation and training using hands-on participatory approaches
  • Good communication skills and high flexibility
  • Fluency in Arabic is a must
  • English reporting skill

How to apply

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for the anticipated subcontract kindly send an email request before 27th of March 2020 to ProcurementBeirut@iwpr.net to receive the full RFQ. We will respond by email with a soft copy of the RFQ.