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Call For Proposals

Conflict Sensitive Journalism Manual (Arabic)

The Alternative Voices For Syria project is a project funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR). The goal of the project is to help empower women in rural areas, supporting advocacy campaigns and providing training on advocacy and conflict sensitive journalism. As part of the project activities, the Alternative Voices For Syria project seeks to create and distribute an Arabic-language CSJ manual. As no such text currently exists in Arabic, this would fill an important need in the media development field.

IWPR is in need of professional services to develop the CSJ manual in Arabic. The service provider is expected to write the manual and include real examples from the Arabic media that are related to Syria.

Scope of Work

  1. Develop a Conflict Sensitive Journalism Manual;

  2. Prepare a schedule of work for the development of the manual;

  3. Prepare a table of the chapters suggested to be covered in the CSJ;

  4. Gather and review relevant materials and source them within the manual;

  5. In-depth interviews with Syrian journalists who covered the conflicts or those who have been trained on conflict sensitive journalism to get first-hand experiences.;

  6. Write/edit the text of manuals with real examples from the ground.;

  7. Final review of materials;

  8. Writing a summary of the manual and captions that could be used on the social media platforms.

How to Apply

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for the anticipated subcontract kindly send an email request to ProcurementBeirut@iwpr.net to receive the full RFP. 

Deadline for Offers

NOW EXTENDED TO 11:59 PM (GMT+3) local time on Monday, July 2, 2018.