Gender and Diversity Editor, LAC/Remote

We are seeking a Gender & Diversity Editor to support IWPR’s Latin America office to incorporate gender, inclusivity and diversity perspectives transversally in all of our policies, programs and products, including but not limited to: journalistic products (review and edition of texts and audiovisual, multimedia works), training sessions for journalists, project design and proposals and other materials. Other tasks of the position include but are not limited to: follow up with participants after the training sessions, participate in the organization of events and workshops, design and development of new projects for the region, monitoring and evaluation of existing projects, facilitation of meetings with teams of journalists from different countries and focused on diverse topics, the elaboration of training materials.

Contract and Application Details:

  • This is a full time employment contract ending in June 2022. 
  • The deadline for applications is 14 June 2021.

You will: 

  • Support IWPR’s Latin America office and staff to ensure all of our programs and policies incorporate a gender perspective.
  • Investigate the situation of gender equality and diversity in target countries to help improve staff understanding of the context and ensure the inclusivity of our projects.
  • Review, edit and rewrite texts and audiovisual work to ensure that they comply with the highest international standards of journalism, with a gender perspective.
  • Support journalists and editors from media accross Latin America to detect and avoid stereotypes about gender and promote a balanced coverage in all their stories.
  • Promote the coverage of gender and diversity issues by journalists and other participants, and ensure that publications are inclusive of the concerns of all the groups of society impacted by the story.
  • Encourage a comprehensive approach in reporting human rights and gender topics.
  • Support the directors and editors of beneficiary media outlets to make decisions and build policies that ensure gender equality in their newsrooms.
  • Creation and delivery of training sessions for journalists and media outlets on gender, journalism and inclusivity, as well as other journalism-related topics, using tailored methodologies, ensuring content quality and the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Review existing curricula, resources and training materials to ensure inclusivity and that the gender perspective is transversal in all of IWPR’s work.
  • Mentor participants after the training sessions to ensure that they are incorporating their new knowledge and skills in their work.
  • Monitoring, supervision and evaluation of publications and course activities. Monitoring and evaluation of IWPR’s programs, including collecting and managing data and writing reports.
  • Organize and Facilitate co-creation sessions with journalists to build strategies to increase the inclusivity of the sector and to better incorporate gender perspectives in their work. Follow up with decisions taken to ensure their implementation.
  • Coordinate and support journalists and media outlets in the search of topics and stories.
  • Participate in the selection of participants for the proposed activities.
  • Participation in strategic meetings to plan programmatic activities and design new programming.
  • Support the development process, ensuring all new programs are inclusive and incorporate a gender perspective.
  • Travel to international training sessions or international events.
  • Coordinate with other IWPR staff any administrative procedures.


  • Minimum BA in journalism, communications, international relations, gender studies or other related topics, preferably with post-graduate studies in journalism and gender, inclusion & diversity.


  • Excellent understanding and experience with gender-sensitive editing, communication, and reporting.
  • Minimum of  two years experience as an editor in a journalism publication.
  • Demonstrated experience as a journalist publishing inclusive work with a gender perspective.
  • Excellent writing abilities in both Spanish and English.
  • Previous experience working in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Previous experience in teaching or training, preferably with experience with online training formats.
  • Experience working in multicultural environments and with people from different backgrounds.
  • Experience in the editing of multiple story formats.
  • Technical experience editing audiovisual material (video, podcasts, etc) will be an asset.


  • Excellent level of verbal and written communication skills in Spanish and English.   Also excellent ability to actively listen in both languages.

Other Requirements: 

  • Knowledge of social, gender, economic, political, and security issues in Latin America.
  • Commitment to understanding the needs and behaviors of the beneficiaries, and adapting approaches accordingly.
  • Ability to work with goals and deadlines.
  • Ability to resolve conflicts, work under pressure and by objectives.
  • High capacity for order, efficient time management, synthesis and assertiveness at work.
  • Willingness to adapt to the required measures to ensure the security of staff and beneficiaries (digital security knowledge desirable).
Latin America & the Caribbean/Remote

IWPR is an equal opportunities employer, committed to the equal treatment of all current and prospective employees and does not condone discrimination on the basis of age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, gender identity, or marriage and civil partnership.  We encourage applications from suitably qualified candidates from a wide range of backgrounds who can help continue to evolve our culture and contribute to an inclusive environment.

Principals only. No calls please. Only those who have been selected for interviews will be contacted. IWPR will never ask for payment for recruitment.

Latin America & the Caribbean/Remote
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