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Call for Participation

Taking the Lead Programme

From: Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) Consortium

Part of: IWPR Libya

The Institute for War & Peace Reporting in consortium partnership with Binda Consulting International (BCI) will deliver the Taking the Lead programme over the next 12 months with funding from the UK government through the CSSF funding mechanism. The aim of this programme is to support women-focused CSOs to better understand and effectively respond to the needs of their communities.

The consortium will partner with 11 CSOs to undertake rapid impact assessments to better understand the effect that Covid-19 is having in Libya, and to look for and identify ways that civil society can meet the needs of women and girls in their beneficiary communities. The resulting recommendations from the assessments will be utilised by the 11 partners to design subgrants that use their organisational strengths and effectively meet the needs of women and girls in their communities.

The selected CSO partners will be called on to:

  • Select four CSO members to participate in a two-day online training covering research methodology, focus group facilitation, data collection, analysis and synthesis.
  • In teams of two, those four members will then conduct rapid response assessments, including remote or in-person interviews (and where feasible focus groups) with community-based women’s organisations, individual women and health professionals.
  • The CSO teams will evaluate the data and identify short-term solutions, services or interventions they can implement with small grant assistance from IWPR.
  • Each partner will then be invited to submit a proposal to the consortium based on the findings – the proposed activities will focus on meeting the needs of women and girls in their communities.

Instructions for submitting your Expression of Interest

This call for participation bids is part of the 12-month Taking the Lead Programme through which IWPR and BCI, in cooperation with the British Embassy, will select the winning candidates based on a bid submission that will be evaluated by a committee. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

Deadline for submission

The deadline for submission of the bids is 5pm Libya time on September 20, 2020. All bids submitted after the deadline will NOT be taken into consideration.

Instructions for submitting your bid

Organisations interested in submitting an expression of interest must fill out the form by September 20, 2020:

  • Confirm your organisation’s interest and willingness to fully participate in the rapid impact assessments, including selecting four members to participate in the research training, conduct interviews and take part in data analysis;
  • Organisation biography and track record, including activities during the past 12 months, target beneficiaries, achievements and any other relevant information that demonstrates the organisation’s abilities – max two pages;
  • The organisation’s original and most recent registration records with the Civil Society Commission;
  • A named referee (from outside the organisation) and contact details;
  • A designated point of contact for the programme;
  • Bank details.

Submissions not including all the above stated documents will not be considered.

Contact: Please email any queries to

Selection Process

The Expressions of Interest will be reviewed by the Selection Committee comprised of representatives from the consortium and the funder. A total of 11 organisations will be selected to participate in the project based on the following assessment criteria:

  1. Demonstrable commitment to gender rights in Libya and a track record of implementing women’s empowerment related activities and/or innovations;
  2. Ability to navigate local security and political conditions strategically and safely;
  3. Openness to capacity-building support to enhance institutional and technical capacities;
  4. Demonstrated gender sensitivity and commitment to women’s rights;
  5. Demonstrated conflict sensitivity, adherence to ‘do no harm’ principles, and inclusion of multiple perspectives;
  6. A history of collaboration with like-minded organisations and/or governmental institutions locally, regionally, and/or internationally;
  7. Applicants must be actively registered with the Civil Society Commission in Libya;
  8. As part of our commitment to sustainable development programming, applicants with previous experience managing and implementing UK-funded subgrants will be given first consideration in the selection process.

The IWPR Consortium

The Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR): IWPR is a non-governmental organisation that gives voice to people at the frontlines of conflict and transition to help them drive change.

IWPR supports activists, human and women's rights defenders, reporters and citizen journalists in countries in conflict, crisis, and transition around the world. We contribute to peace and good governance by strengthening the ability of media and civil society to speak out. We do this by training, mentoring, and providing platforms; building up the institutional capacity of media and civic groups; and working with independent and official partners to remove barriers to free expression, robust public debate and citizen engagement.

IWPR in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA): IWPR – MENA has worked to build a vibrant and independent media, active civic and community groups and democratic institutions across the region since 2003. Initiatives in the region have strengthened journalist and civil society institutions in a variety of ways, from supporting legal and structural reform around policies including freedom of information and expression, human rights, women’s rights and political participation to real time management and programme implementation support to build sustainable organisations. Long-established offices in countries around the region, as well as on-the-ground coordinators in others support programming and networks of journalists, activists, and civil society organisations demonstrate IWPR's long-term commitment to working in MENA.

Binda Consulting International (BCI) is a European-based political and international development consultancy providing analysis, training, and research with expertise in programme design, public opinion research, women’s political participation, political strategy, crisis communications and organisational training.

Established in 2014, its senior consultants have deep experience in the field of international democracy and development. Combining decades of work in some of the most challenging political environments, BCI has the right mix of talent and understanding to deliver expert advice and action. BCI is a company that is nimble enough to respond quickly to the needs of clients. Its global network of consultants provides bespoke talent and expertise to projects and programmes.

Its senior consultants have worked to develop the capacity of political actors in emerging democracies and traditional societies in order to better respond to the challenges inherent in dramatic change. Having lived and worked in conflict and post-conflict environments, BCI consultants understand the obstacles to reconciliation within and among communities.