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Call for Bids

Libya: Ante Raeda (You Are a Pioneer)

2017/2018 Bidding Round

With a generous fund from Her Majesty’s Government through the CSSF funding mechanism, IWPR will be implementing the Ante Raeda project over three phases for the next two and half years. The aim of this programme is to equip women’s CSOs to improve the status of women in Libya through organisational strengthening and effective policy advocacy.

The Ante Raeda (‘You Are a Pioneer’) project, based on lessons learned from IWPR’s current and previous programming in Libya, the MENA region and beyond, will enhance the operational capacity, sustainability and impact of Libyan women’s CSOs – strengthening them organisationally, improving advocacy and lobbying, and empowering them to improve the lives and visibility of Libyan women.

The Ante Raeda project is structured over three phases as follows:

Phase 1 (August 2017 to March 2018)

In order to comprehensively analyse the state of CSOs representing women’s interests in Libya, IWPR and its international scoping partners will:

  • Conduct in-country face-to-face interviews, as the security situation permits, with CSOs representing women’s interests in Libya;
  • Assess and evaluate 20 women’s CSOs on their organizational strength and health; their strategic planning and operational ability; and their networks, coalition and advocacy capacity to advance women’s rights and government accountability to women. This will include both established and emerging women’s groups and women-led CSOs, and other CSOs working on a range of gender-related (principally, women’s) issues, operating in each of Libya’s provinces;
  • Identify where support should be targeted to enable them to increase their impact regarding women’s rights in Libya.

Phase 2 and 3 (April 2018-March 2020)

Will be a combination of capacity building and project implementation through the provision of small grants.

The partners’ selection processes for all 3 phases will be completed through 3 competitive and public processes at the beginning of each phase. This call for bids is part of the 1st phase selection process through which IWPR in cooperation with the British Embassy will select the winning candidates based on a bid submission that will be evaluated by a bid committee. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

Deadline for Submission

The deadline for submission of the bids is 23:59 hrs Tripoli, Libya time on Monday, October 16th, 2017. All bids submitted after the deadline will NOT be taken into consideration.

Instructions for Submitting Your Bid

Please email the following documents to before 23:59 hrs Tripoli, Libya time on Monday, October 16th, 2017:

  • Organisation biography and track record, including activities during the past 12 months, target beneficiaries, achievements, and any other relevant information that demonstrates the organisation’s abilities;
  • Organisation registration records;
  • Team members’ CVs and contact details, including a designated point of contact.

Submissions not including all the above stated documents will not be considered.


If you have any questions, email

Priorities for 2017/2018

In the 1st phase, IWPR will partner with 20 CSOs to undertake the scoping, individual capacity appraisals and research/production of workplans to strengthen women’s advocacy and rights. The resulting public report will be the focus of a day-long conference, followed by a training for partners on the needs identified. All participants will take away an increased understanding of their own organisations and potential, a broader support network, and support on key skills.

Assessment Criteria

Relevance: We will consider how relevant the organisation’s gender track record and project implemented in Libya are, including looking at how it fits in with the priorities of host government, the objectives of the UK and the CSSF, complements the work of other donors and the timing and appropriateness of the proposed activities/outputs.

Efficiency: We will consider how efficiently resources will be used in delivering outputs.

Effectiveness: Willingness to participate at the different stages of the research, workplans production and trainings and conferences upon need/request from IWPR and/or its international partners and/or consultants.

Sustainability: We will look at how sustainable the benefits of the programme will be.

Gender Sensitivity: Track record of inclusive, gendered approach to the organisation’s programming and interventions promoting equality between women and men, and fostering societal change that promotes freedom from gender stereotypes.

Conflict Sensitivity: Track record of proven approach to conflict sensitive programming based on field research, needs analyses and on the input of local communities, and designed and implemented with a “do no harm” approach.

Impact: We will consider the programme’s potential for positive impact, including its potential for wider, indirect impact or potential to leverage further funding. We will also consider the risk of negative/unintended impacts here.

In addition to the above, the Bid Committee will also seek to balance risks and opportunity cost across the portfolio of organisations, as well as ensure that the eventual allocation of funds is appropriate across priority areas.