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Call for Applications

Project Sub-grants for Ukrainian Activists and Journalists

IWPR is calling for teams of Ukrainian activists and journalists to apply for the first round of our sub-grant competition supporting projects aimed at increasing government transparency and accountability, countering and preventing corruption, increasing civic oversight of public funds and property, advocacy for local changes, increasing citizens’ engagement in local community development, as well as the monitoring of reforms at the regional level.

The deadline for grant applications is July 7, 2018.

The competition is held within the framework of IWPR’s three-year From the Borderland to the Steppes: Giving Voice, Driving Change project funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Geographically, the project will focus on eight regions of Ukraine, defined after the selection of sub-grant winners and the identification of other potentially strong applicants. It is likely that the project will continue to work in the Kiev, Lviv, Odesa and Kharkiv regions where IWPR built “accountability clusters” in 2016-2017. In addition to sub-grants, the project provides for expert support and mentoring, legal aid and joint training workshops. The second round of the sub-grant competition is planned for April - June 2019.

The purpose of the competition is to reinforce public oversight by civil society and media, promote the implementation of anti-corruption policy and to better inform citizens via the support of project initiatives of the regional partnerships of CSO, media and their capacity building.

Proposed sub-grant projects should focus on increasing government transparency and accountability, countering and preventing corruption through civic monitoring and control over public resources utilisation and/or advocating relevant changes at the local level. All projects have to have a thoughtful, strong component for media coverage of their activities and informing the public via close cooperation with individual journalists, investigative reporting centres, wide information campaigns etc.

Priority will be given to projects implemented by regional coalitions or partnerships, in particular of NGOs with journalists or media. We encourage you to build in mechanisms for active citizen engagement and effective public events into your initiatives. The projects may involve reform-minded politicians and/or officials, but without funding them. We may support inter-regional initiatives. Projects implemented by one organisation may be supported as an exception. Priority will also be given to projects which can be replicated all over Ukraine.

There is provision to fund from one to several projects up to 25,000 euro per region. There is no set or recommended budget ceiling, but 10,000 euro is the expected average budget. Projects may last from four to 12 months, starting not earlier than September 1, 2018 and ending by August 31, 2019.

How To Apply

  1. Read original announcement in Ukrainian;

  2. Download the application form and the budget;

  3. Fill in the forms and email them to no later than July 7, 2018.

Any applications submitted after the deadline will NOT be taken into consideration.


If you have any queries, please email