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Africa Resilience Network

The Africa Resilience Network programme will build a network of journalists, activists and analysts to identify and expose coronavirus-related misinformation.

IWPR, in collaboration with the Centre for Information Resilience, the International Centre for Investigative Reporting and Africa Uncensored, is to launch a unique programme to fight disinformation in the age of Covid-19.

The Africa Resilience Network programme aims to build a network of journalists, activists and analysts to identify and expose Covid-19 related disinformation in Kenya and Nigeria. We are currently seeking passionate people committed to fighting the Covid-19 infodemic to join the programme.

Successful applicants will receive:

  • Support to develop, publish and promote research and reporting exposing Covid-19 disinformation
  • Expert training in the latest tools and techniques to identify and expose disinformation, focusing on open-source intelligence and network analysis
  • Access to expert mentors who will provide personal and professional support to support the counter-disinformation mission
  • Training and support on managing data protection and information security risks
  • Opportunities to attend networking events and collaborate with other activists, journalists, media professionals, academic experts, editors, researchers and publishers
  • Access to legal and health resources to help inform their work and reporting.

Upon graduating from the programme, they will become members of a global community, with lasting links to disinformation experts and fellow practitioners around the world.

The training programme will be conducted in English, but is open to all journalists and social media content producers residing in Kenya and Nigeria, including those who primarily publish in languages other than English. Applications from individuals who publish content in Hausa and Swahili are particularly encouraged.

Training and support will primarily be conducted online, with supplementary in-person support, as the ongoing health emergency allows. Data costs for participation in the online training will be covered by the programme.

Introductory sessions are expected to be held in December 2020, followed by training and networking sessions delivered in two cohorts between January and April 2021.  

Please note that the programme will require a commitment of at least eight hours per week for two months.

How To Apply

All expressions of interest for the training programme must be submitted by midnight CET Friday 20th November in order to be eligible for consideration.

The application process is now closed for the Africa Resilience Network's first cohort. Successful applicants will be informed of next steps in the first half of December 2020. Applications for a second cohort will open in January 2021. Should you have any questions or wish to follow up on an application, please contact

Africa Resilience Network

IWPR is grateful for the financial support of the US Department of State for this programme.

As coronavirus sweeps the globe, IWPR’s network of local reporters, activists and analysts are examining the economic, social and political impact of this era-defining pandemic.