IWPR Netherlands

Zeestraat 100
2518 AD The Hague
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)70 338 9016

Stichting Institute for War & Peace Reporting / The Netherlands (IWPR-NL)

The Hague is the city of international justice and base of IWPR’s international justice program. Program staff monitor and report on the International Criminal Court and the ICTY, produce radio programming for Africa, and manage visiting journalists and events. A central team oversees the office and directs development and fund-raising, with a focus on The Netherlands and other European donors.

ANBI logoIWPR-NL has an ANBI status in The Netherlands. The Dutch abbreviation ANBI means Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen (Institution Aimed at the Common Good) refers to charitable, religious, humanistic, cultural and scientific institutions whose mission and operations are deemed by the Tax Service overwhelmingly to serve the Common Good.

The Dutch government implements a fiscal policy that encourages the donation of funds to causes that advance the Common Good. Sponsors, Contributors and Patrons who make a donation to IWPR-NL are able to deduct the amount from taxable income.

Fiscal number: 8186.10.682

Board of Trustees

IWPR-NL is led by Board of Trustees. Current members are:

  • Z. Pajic, Chairman
  • A.J.M. Borden, Secretary
  • G. Byrne, Member

In general, the number of trustees should at least be three.

The Trustees may from time to time and at any time appoint any member of the Board of Trustees. Any member so appointed shall retain his or her office only until the next Annual General Meeting but he or she will then be eligible for re-election.

No person who is not a member of IWPR shall in any circumstances be eligible to hold offices as a member of the Board of Trustees.

None of the members of the Board of Trustees received any remuneration for their work as Trustees.


The objectives of the Stichting Institute for War & Peace Reporting / The Netherlands are as follows:

  1. The advancement of education and training in public-interest journalism and in the causes, conduct, effects and resolution of international, ethnic and group conflict and civil war for the public benefit, especially of the courts having their seats in The Hague.
  2. The provision of an international platform for local journalism, and training, analysis and direct support to strengthen independent media and other democratic voices in crisis zones.

Policy Plan and Annual Reports

IWPR-NL: Policy Plan 2013-2014 (PDF)229.05 KB
IWPR-NL: Annual Accounts 2011 (PDF)843.74 KB