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15 Mar 13
Officials dismiss public expressions of anger as plot by agents provocateurs.
8 Mar 13
Renewed pressure comes ahead of key election.
12 Nov 12
New legislation gives authorities financial leverage to stamp out protests.
5 Oct 12
Video appears to show haggling over price of parliamentary seat.
15 Sep 12
Groups working on issues seen as sensitive are routinely denied official registration.
7 Sep 12
Final demands for unpaid bills are just the latest tactic for squeezing independent press, say government critics.
16 Apr 12
Suspicions that authorities kept protestor numbers down by insisting they gathered in remote location, then cutting bus services.
5 Apr 12
Government wants people to go back to villages, and helps them raise old homes from ruins.
18 Feb 12
But row over alleged support for Israeli agents shows just how bad Azerbaijan’s relationship with Iran is.
16 Sep 11
IWPR contributor believes attack on family members was retribution for his work as reporter.