Recent Stories

15 Jan 14
Two governments take a stand after frontier guards clash over a controversial road project.
8 Jan 14
Convicted of corruption and sexual offences, Zayd Saidov was arrested shortly after setting up an opposition party.
25 Oct 13
No one was predicting a surprise victory for the challenger, but she has dropped out of the race before it even starts.
27 Sep 13
But why is the government so keen to crush opposition election chances?
15 Jul 13
Party has large membership but realises it cannot go it alone.
28 Jun 13
Only a handful have gone, but intelligence agencies are watching closely.
25 Jun 13
Politician Rahmatillo Zoirov hopes he will chosen to stand against long-serving president.
5 Jun 13
Authorities seem to fear Moscow is considering a replacement for the current president.
23 Aug 12
In Badakhshan, many believe local strongman was killed by special forces, though government denies involvement.
31 Jul 12
News of local politician's killing followed by internet blocks.