Recent Stories

24 Jan 14
Religious affiliation – Shia or Sunni – determines which side volunteers take.
22 Nov 13
Libel suits, unpaid bills and now a ban on some street sale look like stealthy moves to curb critical voices.
25 Nov 11
Rafiq Tagi was an unrelenting critic of Iranian theocracy and political Islam in Azerbaijan.
24 Oct 11
IWPR story about her life in Azerbaijan helps bring about reunion in France with relatives she had not seen for over 60 years.
9 Sep 11
Environmental protests in Iran spark concerns about ethnic Azerbaijanis living around shrinking lake.
1 Aug 11
IWPR reporter comes across elderly Frenchwoman with extraordinary story to tell, and one wish – to visit her home once more.
18 Jul 11
Government set aside plenty of cash for compensation, but it doesn’t seem to have translated into full payouts or decent replacement homes.
12 Dec 10
Officials say opposition briefings provided basis for allegations that Azerbaijani leaders behave like characters from Godfather films.
1 Oct 10
Azeris angry about the arrival of illegal workers at a time when they are struggling to find jobs.
28 Aug 10
Chronic lack of productivity compounded by bad weather and grain import problems.