Social justice

Kairat Baitolla-Uly (left) arrived from China in 1998, and now works on behalf of returning Kazak diaspora members like himself. (Photo: Gaziza Baituova)
11 Feb 14
Government grants and fast-track citizenship will no longer be offered as standard.
Georgian officials are fond of up-market vehicles, in black if possible. These ones are outside the State Chancellory. (Photo: IWPR)
24 Jan 14
Swanky cars and iPhones for government staff seen as excessive at a time when money is tight.
A picture of the late Zaur Hasanov is held up during his funeral. (Photo: Aziz Karimli)
13 Jan 14
Government accused of spending too little oil money to improve their lives.
Fire truck outside the Almaty market devastated by fire on September 13. (Photo: Alexandra Kazakova)
25 Sep 13
Uninsured stallholders say they lost everything in devastating blaze.
11 Jul 13
Dwindling community struggles to maintain identity.
Village in Uganda visited by IWPR reporters. (Photo: IWPR) Lilit Avetisyan is among those waiting for the authorities to deliver on promised housing. (Photo: Gayane Mkrtchyan) A picture of the late Zaur Hasanov is held up during his funeral. (Photo: Aziz Karimli) Yezidi Oman Aliyan at a shepherds' camp near Michim Shamirama, Armenia. (Photo: Andrei Liankevich) Homes in Kond are patched up with wood, metal or plastic as residents do not want to invest in more lasting repairs, since demolition could come at any time. (Photo: Mary Aleksanyan) Argam Babayan says he has no alternative to working in prostitution as no employer will take him on. (Photo: Nazik Armenakyan)
Снос домов в Ташкенте. (Фото: А. Волосевича) At least two protesters were killed in clashes with government security forces June 23 in the southern city of Basra, as angry Iraqis took to the streets to demand more access to electricity. (Photo: Eye Media) Public festivities in Turkmenistan are regimented affairs. These people in traditional dress turned out for a parade last year. Residents of Kond, a district of Yerevan, are waiting to find out when their homes will be demolished. (Photo: Mary Aleksanyan)
Students in Turkmen national costume wait for their turn to perform at one of the many state-organised celebrations.(Photo: IWPR) This Almaty man was prevented from carrying out his threat to set fire to himself in 2009. He was protesting against an eviction order, and later won the right to keep his home. (Photo: Andrei Grishin)