A policeman speaks to a journalist on Hrushevska Street, Kiev, January  2013. (Photo: Rob Stothard/Getty Images)
9 Apr 14
Reporters move from covering protests to corruption revelations and next up, elections.
4 Apr 14
Analysis of evolving US and European foreign policy responses to the Ukraine crisis.
University of Tripoli students use the media lab work stations during the March 26 launch event for the media training facility. (Photo: Ibrahim El-Mayet)
Project Highlight
4 Apr 14
Libya needs people to go into journalism, UK ambassador says at launch of IWPR-backed media training facility.
IWPR Insight
26 Mar 14
Twitter and Facebook helped Maidan protesters organise, but it was President Viktor Yanukovich's administration that laid the ground for revolution.
Edmon Marukyan, who wrote the bill on liability for internet defamation. (Photo courtesy of E. Marukyan)
22 Mar 14
Legislators want to remove user anonymity, though experts point out that might not be technically possible.
Shahbaz Khuduoghlu, owner of the Qanun publishing firm. (Photo: Afgan Mukhtarli)
22 Mar 14
Fine for tax evasion just a pretext for closing down firm that publishes independent press, owner says.
Shahbaz Khuduoghlu, owner of the Qanun publishing firm. (Photo: Afgan Mukhtarli) Giorgy Vanyan of the Caucasus Centre of Peacemaking Initiatives. (Photo: Photolur) The press in Kazakstan is vulnerable to crippling libel actions. (Photo: Irina Mednikova) IWPR training conducted by Dr Rovshan Ibragimov, the director of the Energy Research Centre in the Azeri capital Baku. (Photo: IWPR) Azerbaijani novelist Akram Aylisli. (Photo: Ramin Zeynalov/APA) Armen Dulyan was told not to come back to work after posting a Facebook comment. (Photo courtesy of A. Dulyan)
Bailiffs arrived at the Khural newspaper's offices on October 19. (Photo: Leyla Mustafayeva) The entertainment shows on Farsi1 satellite are hugely popular with Iranian audiences. (Photo: Sahar Mokhtari) IWPR reporter Mina Habib receives her award from Afghan information and culture minister Sayed Makhdoom Raheen. (Photo: IWPR) Yoani Sánchez at the October 2013 meeting of the Inter-American Press Association. (Photo:  Yaremis Flores) Idrak Abbasov in Baku’s main hospital. (Photo: IRFS) Turkmen rights activist Vyacheslav Mamedov. (Photo: IWPR)