Human rights

21 Mar 14
Activists report rising trend of homophobic abuse amid widespread intolerance.
Khadija Ismailova. (Photo: Shahla Sultanova)
21 Feb 14
Khadija Ismayil published a document on the secret service spying on the opposition. Prosecutors say that's a state secret.
The late Isa Shahmarli (Photo:
31 Jan 14
Gay people often shunned by friends and relatives as well as wider society.
27 Jan 14
Activists put their own safety at risk by helping others.
A protest in Yerevan in November 2013, after which politician Shant Harutyunyan was arrested. (Photo: Photolure)
18 Jan 14
Court orders Shant Harutyunyan to be detained for compulsory testing after he called for revolution.
19 Dec 13
Government uses term to mean welfare provision while critics call for civil, political and economic rights.
Норбой Холжигитов, председатель Самаркандской областной ячейки Общества прав человека и руководитель областного подразделения партии "Озод дехконлар" (Фото: IWPR)
Outwardly, life in Andijan carries on as if the killings never happened. (Photo: IWPR) Jehovah's Witnesses doing civilian service in 2005, before they left on the grounds that they were working for the military. (Photo: Vahan Iskhanyan) Judge Abolghasem Salavati presiding over one of the post-election trials of 2009. (Photo: Hassan Ghaedi) Diloram Iskhakova. (Photo: IWPR) Poster in support of  Calixto Ramón Martínez Árias.
Узбекские жители Дашогузской области Туркменистана. (Фото: IWPR) The children of deceased insurgent fighters gather at the Malak al-Rahma (Angel of Mercy) NGO in Diyala. (Photo: Ali Mohammed) Sergei Naumov. (Photo: IWPR) Diversity parade in Yerevan, May 21. (Photo: Anahit Hayrapetyan) Sectarian tensions have put a huge strain on mixed marriages. Photo by Jamal Penjweny The vote at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. (Photo: Omid Memarian)