Georgian health minister David Sergeenko. (Photo: Georgian health ministry website)
4 Mar 14
Regulations aim to clamp down on illegal trade and stop people devising their own cures.
Prison visit time in Uzbekistan. (Photo: IWPR)
1 Mar 14
Authorities fail to treat or even isolate sufferers.
Georgia's deputy prisons minister Archil Talakvadze (left). (Photo: Georgian prisons ministry website)
7 Feb 14
Cut-price medication for many patients, and free treatment for the prison population.
4 Dec 13
Spread of virus linked to migrant population moving back and forth to Russia and Ukraine.
21 Nov 13
Homegrown marijuana on the illicit market alongside narcotics imported by trafficking networks.
11 Oct 13
Officials deny that medical error is common and insist legal methods of redress are working.
Women shopping at a state-run pharmacy in Cuba. (Photo: Bitboy/Flickr) Participants in a discussion on disability awareness and legislation, Yerevan, March 15, 2013. (Photo: IWPR) Srebrenica war surgeon Dr Ilijaz Pilav at the ceremony in Potocari commemorating the victims of the 1995 massacre. July 11, 2013. (Photo: IWPR) Recovering addicts meet in Baku, Azerbaijan. (Photo: IWPR) Georgia's deputy prisons minister Archil Talakvadze (left). (Photo: Georgian prisons ministry website) The HIV/AIDS centre in Osh, southern Kyrgyzstan, has recently received new testing equipment. (Photo: Isomidin Ahmedjanov)
Armenia's health ministry is concerned at the high level of smoking-related disease. (Photo: Inna Mkhitaryan) Premises of Georgia’s central bank. (Photo: Public Service Chamber website) A student at Qadisiyah University in Diwaniya takes a drag from a cigarette in front of an anti-smoking sign that reads "Cigarettes are a deadly enemy". A recent ban on smoking in the province's government offices has been criticised by locals. (Photo: Imad al-Khuzaei) A centre for disabled children in Jermuk, Armenia. (Photo: Naira Melkumyan)
Uzbekistan’s main HIV/AIDS centre in Tashkent. (Photo: IWPR) March 15 discussion event on hepatitis C in Georgia. (Photo: IWPR)