Afghan Election Updates 2009
26 Oct 09
Election commission officials call for second round of voting, but time, weather, and security are against them.
Iraqi Governance Report
14 Jun 07
Leading academic and writer Kanan Makiya argues that without a leadership ready to move beyond sectarian politics, nothing is possible, least of all the defeat of the insurgency. <i><b><a href="">Iraqi Governance Report is also available in pdf</a></b></i>
5 Oct 05
Four years after the blueprint for Afghan democracy was set out at Bonn, much remains to be done.
Baghdad protesters demonstrate in support of the anti-Mubarak Egyptian movement last week. (Photo: Hazim al-Sharaa) The home of the provincial parliament of Katanga, where opposition members say they are intimidated by supporters of the UNAFEC party of parliament speaker Gabriel Kyungu. (Photo: Nick Hobgood) If Egyptians are to create a democratic system that suits them, then they must dare to further unleash the creativity so abundantly demonstrated in this revolution. (Photo: Monasosh/Flickr) A gathering of Turkmen elders. (Photo: NBCentralAsia) Georgia’s parliament has moved from Tbilisi to new premises in Kutaisi. (Photo: Akhali Gazeti) Georgian wine is about to go on sale in Russia after a six-year absence. (Photo: IWPR staff)
Protesters in Minneapolis: the Libyan diaspora is rallying in support of the revolution. (Photo: Kara Allyson/Flickr) Some of the thousands of Egyptian migrant workers who fled the Libyan violence. (Photo: Lina Atallah) President Karzai attending a NATO summit on Afghanistan, November 2010. (Photo: UN Photo/Evan Schneider) Georgian parliament. (Photo: Akhali Gazeti) Many Arab commentators said Qaddafi appeared seriously disturbed during his televised speech, while others said mockingly that he should be on a comedy show.