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The launch ceremony for the grants scheme was attended by  Libyan government, EU, Deutsche Welle Akademie and IWPR representatives. Tripoli, March 19, 2014. (Photo: IWPR)
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17 Apr 14
IWPR running grants scheme to help media outlets grow and develop.
University of Tripoli students use the media lab work stations during the March 26 launch event for the media training facility. (Photo: Ibrahim El-Mayet)
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4 Apr 14
Libya needs people to go into journalism, UK ambassador says at launch of IWPR-backed media training facility.
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5 Mar 14
Speakers at IWPR debate discuss whether recent deterioration indicates worse is to come.
Main ICC premises in The Hague. (Photo: Vincent van Zeijst)
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10 Feb 14
Nairobi event will discuss whether prosecutions are the key to accountability in Africa.
Panelists at an IWPR round table on the Bosnian census, held on December 20 in Sarajevo. (Photo: IWPR)
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18 Jan 14
Experts say the process was manipulated to suit political ends and stir ethnic tensions.
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15 Jan 14
IWPR trains netizens in Arab world to identify and avoid internet threats.
(Photo: IWPR Tunisia) Sarwaruddin receiving first prize in the debating competition. (Photo: Chitral Times) Voting in the eastern city of Benghazi on July 7, 2012. (Photo: Seth Meixner) Representatives of national minorities in Armenia get to grips with new media techniques. Participants of the round table - students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Eastern Sarajevo, departments of journalism and sociology. (Photo: Mladen Lakic) Second discussion meeting on new curriculum for journalism students in Afghanistan. (Photo: IWPR)
(Photo: Dina Tokbaeva)
IWPR technician Mirian Koridze editing a video report. (Photo: IWPR) Malala. (Photo: IWPR) IWPR training conducted by Dr Rovshan Ibragimov, the director of the Energy Research Centre in the Azeri capital Baku. (Photo: IWPR) First place in IWPR Armenia journalism contest went to Suren Stepanyan, who had joined the army since submitting his entry. (Photo: IWPR)