Photo Essay

Children play on the stairs in the Bagebi dormitory; they have no other place to go. (Photo: Mark Rafaelov)
Photo Essay
13 Feb 14
What was meant as temporary refuge has become home to people who fled Abkhazia two decades ago.
Ledici now stands all but deserted, high in the mountains south of Bosnia’s capital. (Photo: Sanja Vrzic)
Photo Essay
5 Apr 13
Images of Ledici, deserted after war swept through a small Serb community.
An IWPR workshop targeting Iraqi women, October 2011, Baghdad. (Photo: IWPR)
Photo Essay
23 Dec 11
Workshop participants start producing public-service advertising for local media.
Men working at the cemetery in the town of Dastakert, where 70 per cent of residents are refugees from Baku, Sumgait and Kirovabad in Azerbaijan. They are eagerly awaiting the reopening of the local copper plant in Dastakert, which despite its detrimental effect on the environment promises much-needed jobs. (Photo: Sara Anjargolian)
Photo Essay
9 Dec 11
Images of refugees settled in border areas of Armenia.
Almazbek Atambaev is sworn in as president of Kyrgyzstan on December 1. (Photo: Sultan Dosaliev/Kyrgyz presidential press office)
Photo Essay
2 Dec 11
President Atambaev shares inauguration ceremony stage with his predecessor as head of state – a first for Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia generally.
People have been waiting to vote since 5.30 in the morning at one of the main polling stations in Goma, located at the Faraja Institute. (Photo: Mélanie Gouby)
Photo Essay
30 Nov 11
Numerous reports of irregularities mar generally peaceful vote.
Marziyeh Abshari, a rare example of a woman who runs her own café, has to transport all the foodstuffs and fuel she needs by mule. (Photo: Azin Zanjani) This mural adds a touch of (painted-on) nature to a residential area of the Iranian capital. (Photo: Saba Karimi) Unveiling of the fourth home-grown car, the Dena. (Photo: Hamed Haghdoost, Fars News Agency) Like many radio stations in eastern DRC, RTNC is seriously under-resourced, with limited means to produce and broadcast programmes. Equipment and working conditions are rudimentary. (Photo: Mélanie Gouby) Calligraphy in the workshop – Persian poetry is an essential feature of many gravestones in Iran. (Photo: Farshid Alyan) Iran's traditional gold merchants have not taken kindly to a government plan to impose VAT and go through their accounts. (Photo: Mahmoud Hossseini, Fars News Agency)
With the male population of working age abroad, women have replaced men in places like this brick-making factory in southern Tajikistan. (Photo: David Trilling)
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei presents his scarf to an elated standholder at the Tehran book fair. His discussions with writers and publishers here often reveal his views on cultural issues. (Photo: Fars News Agency/Supreme Leader's website) The remnants of a statue of Saddam Hussein, famously pulled down on April 9, 2003, have become one of Baghdad’s landmarks. The statue stood in Firdos square in front of the14 July mosque. Firdos square has served as one of the primary locations for protests over a plethora of issues in recent years. (Photo: Hazim al-Sharaa/IWPR) 
Guest blogger Maya Zankoul shares her experiences of  blogging. (Photo: Susanne Fischer) Yalda night celebrations bring together family members all across Iran. (Photo: Hassan Ghaedi, Fars News Agency) Homes in Kond are patched up with wood, metal or plastic as residents do not want to invest in more lasting repairs, since demolition could come at any time. (Photo: Mary Aleksanyan)