Story Behind the Story


The Story Behind the Story gives an insight into the work that goes into IWPR articles and the challenges faced by our trainees at every stage of the editorial process.

This feature allows our journalists to explain where they get the inspiration for their articles, why the subjects matter to them, and how they personally have felt affected by the often controversial issues they explore.

It also shows the difficulties writers can face as they try to get to the heart of a story.

20 Dec 2012
Local politicians pledge support after journalist investigates alleged misappropriation of land.

For several months, I had been hearing about how part of the Abchakan desert had been leased out to international forces, and I had stored it away in my mind as a story idea.

Members of Logar provincial council and village leaders at a meeting held to discuss the IWPR report and its implications. (Photo: Abdul Maqsud Azizi)
28 Feb 2012
Reporter encounters fear and evasive behaviour while investigating crimes.

3 Feb 2012
Clandestine meetings and confrontational officials make pinning down details of illicit passport sales a difficult job.

18 Oct 2011

I was going from the centre of Kapisa province to my own district, Tagab, in a crowded taxi one day.

23 Jun 2011

On the television news one night I saw the story of a 17-year-old boy called Masud who had been killed while in a juvenile detention centre in Kabul.

17 Dec 2010

One day a journalist friend of mine told me he would like to discuss a very important decision with me.

8 Oct 2010

I was in Kabul when some of my friends from Tagab started calling me to tell me I should go there to get married. Although my family is originally from this district, I have lived mostly in other provinces. But they told me, “God has blessed the youth in Tagab.” I thought they were just teasing me, but what they said was true; God had really blessed the youth in Tagab, because the Taleban had passed laws there banning huge dowries and significantly lowered other wedding costs.

23 Jun 2010

I got the idea for this story after a colleague of mine mentioned a 2,000-year-old circumcision ritual still practiced in a village in Jawzjan province. The local people call it Bazi-e-Mashal (torch ceremony).

13 May 2010

I was on my way home at about 4 pm one day when I stopped at a red traffic light at the Shahr-e Naw intersection in the western Afghan city of Herat. Children often wait here and clean car windscreens, hoping for money.

30 Jan 2008

It all started with a phone call in mid-October, when one of my brother’s classmates called to tell me that Parwez had been arrested by the National Directorate of Security, NDS.