Unrest in Tunis – Pictures

Images of September 14 violent protest at US embassy.
  • Black smoke billows out of the US embassy grounds. (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
  • Vehicles set alight in the embassy car park. (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
  • A line of riot police approaches the embassy. (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
  • A plain-clothes officer fires a tear-gas grenade towards demonstrators. (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
  • Riot squad prepare a tear-gas launcher. (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
  • Tunisian police in gas masks. (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
  • Riot police in full gear outside the embassy (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
  • An injured officer is helped to safety. (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
  • Police move in closer, following an armoured vehicle.  (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
  • The scene as riot officers begin to get the upper hand. (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)

Images by Jadal.tn showing dramatic scenes around the American embassy in Tunis on September 14.

Riot police move in as smoke rises from the embassy grounds, clearing the protesters out in running street battles.

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