TRI Issue 776

Poster for the film An Episode in the Life of an Iron-Picker. (Poster design by Fabrika, Sarajevo)
21 Feb 13
Bosnian reporter helped produce award-winning feature on Roma.
Vitomir Zepinic, defence witness in the Karadzic trial. (Photo: ICTY)
15 Feb 13
Former official says Bosnian Serb leaders’ harassment led to his mother’s death.
Dr Bakir Nakas, prosecution witness in the Mladic trial. (Photo: ICTY)
15 Feb 13
Doctor believes his hospital in Sarajevo was singled out as target.
Franko Simatovic in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
15 Feb 13
Judges note that defendant adhered to the conditions he was set on previous occasions when he was temporarily released.