TRI Issue 729

17 Feb 12
Judges originally planned March date, but say new date gives defence enough time to prepare.
17 Feb 12
Former Bosnian Serb officer recalls colleagues discussing where to kill captives once enclave was taken.
17 Feb 12
Defence objects to suggestion evidence is heard through video link.
17 Feb 12
Application would not help determine facts for appeal hearing, judges say.
Following the Sarajevo premiere of her movie "In the Land of Blood and Honey", Angelina Jolie received a friendship plaque form the Youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Photo: Sarajevo Film Festival)
16 Feb 12
Reactions to movie show that old wounds have not yet healed.
Still from documentary Criminal Code - one of the documentaries IWPR trainees helped produce during the 12-month project on transitional justice. (Photo: IWPR)
15 Feb 12
Application of different legal frameworks results in disparate sentencing for similar offences.