Story Behind the Story

The Story Behind the Story gives an insight into the work that goes into IWPR articles and the challenges faced by our trainees at every stage of the editorial process. This feature allows our journalists to explain where they get the inspiration for their articles, why the subjects matter to them, and how they personally have felt affected by the often controversial issues they explore. It also shows the difficulties writers can face as they try to get to the heart of a story.

Members of Logar provincial council and village leaders at a meeting held to discuss the IWPR report and its implications. (Photo: Abdul Maqsud Azizi)
20 Dec 2012
Local politicians pledge support after journalist investigates alleged misappropriation of land.

For several months, I had been hearing about how part of the Abchakan desert had been leased out to international forces, and I had stored it away in my mind as a story idea.

3 Apr 2012
Armenian reporter describes evolution from blanket hostility to realisation that Azeris are people, not monsters.

When I saw a Facebook message saying that IWPR Armenia was seeking a journalist to write an article in partnership with an Azerbaijani reporter about the way history is taught in the two countries,

Entrance to the Mostar Prison. (Photo: IWPR)
28 Mar 2012
Reporter had to overcome both his own apprehensions and prisoners’ suspicion of him.

Last summer, I found myself behind prison walls in the southern Bosnian city of Mostar.

26 Mar 2012
Reporter describes how things get very personal if you ask people how they feel about Armenians.

My interview for a scholarship at the Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management in Georgia was going well, when Professor Tinatin Tsomaia asked me whether I would mind studying alongside a

28 Feb 2012
Reporter encounters fear and evasive behaviour while investigating crimes.

3 Feb 2012
Clandestine meetings and confrontational officials make pinning down details of illicit passport sales a difficult job.

Visitors from Serbia laying flowers at a monument to those killed at the Ovcara farm. Yugoslav army soldiers took some 260 patients and staff from Vukovar’s hospital and murdered them here. (Photo: Vladimir Dmitric)
23 Jan 2012
Serbian journalist recounts emotional visit to scenes of past bloodshed in Croatia.

31 Oct 2011

“After you were raped in 2003 did you go see a doctor?” asked Nick Kaufman, the lawyer representing alleged Congolese warlord Jean-Pierre Bemba, detained in The Hague on charges for war crimes and crimes against humanity since 2008.

19 Oct 2011

The process of preparing exclusive interviews with selected candidates for the presidential election on October 30 turned out to be an interesting exercise.

18 Oct 2011

I was going from the centre of Kapisa province to my own district, Tagab, in a crowded taxi one day.