Reporting Kenya Website Launched

Online resource will serve as platform for journalists covering transitional justice and politics.
  • Kenya’s Chief Justice, Willy Mutunga, and Dean of Strathmore University Law School, Luis Franceschi, talk to reporters following the launch. (Photo: IWPR)

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The Institute for War and Peace Reporting and the Wayamo Communication Foundation announce the launch of ReportingKenya.net, a new online platform for Kenyan journalists covering transitional justice and politics.

The online platform is part of a two-year media development project supported by several international donors, including the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as the German Federal Foreign Office.

ReportingKenya.net will carry reports on local and international justice issues, and will provide in-depth coverage of the March 4 general election.

As a publishing hub for reporters and editors from a range of media houses in Kenya, ReportingKenya.net will provide local audiences with credible, impartial information on emerging developments concerning domestic justice mechanisms, as well as on the trial of four Kenyans due to start in April at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The contributing journalists and editors work for the Nation Media Group, The Standard, The Star and The People; and broadcasters including Capital FM, the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Kass FM, Royal Media Services, Pamoja FM, Koch FM, Radio Amani, Radio Nam Lolwe, Baraka FM, and Radio Africa.

All reports generated for ReportingKenya.net will be published or broadcast in Kenya by these partner organisations, contributing to a healthy public debate on local and international developments. IWPR has been working with journalists and media houses in Kenya since 2011 to provide independent reporting on local and international justice issues.

For more information, please contact: IWPR’s Netherlands Director, Marcel Smits, IWPR’s Africa Editor, Simon Jennings or Wayamo Communication Foundation Director, Bettina Ambach.

About IWPR:
The Institute for War and Peace Reporting strengthens local media at the frontlines of conflict and change, working in two dozen countries and territories around the world. This includes establishing independent local media; training local reporters, editors and producers; supporting extensive in-depth reporting on human rights, good governance and related issues; disseminating professional reporting in developing countries and internationally; and strengthening communications capacity of local human rights, international justice and women’s organisations. IWPR in The Netherlands focuses on international justice programming.

About Wayamo:
The Wayamo Communication Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation devoted to journalism training. Not only do we implement projects aimed at developing media institutions and enhancing the skills of their journalists, but we also view the media as agents of development. We hold journalism workshops and seminars worldwide and offer practice-oriented, hands-on advanced training. Wayamo facilitates the development of new journalist networks, as well as organising and chairing conferences and roundtable discussions on topical, sometimes controversial, socio-political issues. 

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Online resource will serve as platform for journalists covering transitional justice and politics.
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