RCA Issue 671

Dinara Oshurakhunova. (Photo: UK in Kazakhstan/Flickr)
8 Mar 12
Government needs to take decisive action to contain ethnic tensions stirred by 2010 violence, leading rights activist warns.
7 Mar 12
Observers say absence of unrest in Osh ahead of election was an achievement in itself.
MEP Piotr Borys visited Kazakstan to look at how the aftermath of the Janaozen violence is being handled. (Photo courtesy of Piotr Borys’s office.)
5 Mar 12
Europarliament member describes meetings with oil town residents, and how the Kazak authorities are responding in the aftermath of violence.
The Janaozen violence was followed by arrests and harassments of government critics. (Photo courtesy of Respublika news site http://www.respublika-kz.info/)
29 Feb 12
December violence used as stick to beat government critics who complained about it.