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7 Mar 2010
Submitted to the 98th session of the United Nations Committee on Civil and Political Rights.
7 Mar 2010
On the laws and practices of the Republic of Uzbekistan regarding the rights of citizens to free movement and choice of residence.
1 Nov 2009
Новый омбудсмен Грузии Гиорги Тугуши рассказывает нам о своих планах на ближайшее будущее.

Гиорги Тугуши – новый омбудсмен Грузии. До него этот пост на протяжении пяти лет занимал Созар Субари.

8 Sep 2009
На всех официальных встречах в формате Армения - Грузия, происходящих на армянской территории, армяно-грузинские отношения характеризуют как “нет вопросов, которых невозможно решить”, но чаще они говорят об отсутствии каких-либо вопросов, хотя для изложения армяно-грузинских проблем нужно много времени и места.
21 Aug 2009
In Egneri, which is only a few meters from what is now a heavily militarized Georgian-Ossetian border it seems the war that raged in the area a year ago has never stopped. The few remaining residents of the village seldom leave their houses that were heavily damaged during the five-day Russo-Georgian war last August that left hundreds of people in Georgia and its breakaway region of South Ossetia dead and many more wounded and displaced. The Georgians in the Georgian village close to South Ossetia now live in limbo looking for answers for what happened to them and their nation.
17 Jun 2008
When still in Yerevan, we got a warning from Tbilisi that women must wear headscarves and long dresses in the Pankisi gorge. It was strange to learn that in Georgia, which is seeking membership of the European Union, there is a region where women are subjected to strict religious and patriarchic laws.
17 Jun 2008
Residents of the small houses in the district of Kimshen in Vanadzor have been deprived of water for the last two months.
29 Feb 2008
“В то время, как в столице Армении Ереване уже шестой день продолжается акция протеста с требованием провести новые выборы, правительство Армении пытается нейтрализовать любое неповиновение в своих рядах, смещая с должности шестерых дипломатов, раскритиковавших проведенные на прошлой неделе выборы”.