CRS Issue 724

Anna Arganashvili of the Partnership for Human Rights in Georgia. (Photo courtesy of A. Arganashvili)
24 Feb 14
Policy shift towards community care has not extended to children with disabilities.
Street in Shagan. (Photo: Aynur Elgunesh)
21 Feb 14
They have proof they paid for their land, but the authorities say official documents don't mean a thing.
Khadija Ismailova. (Photo: Shahla Sultanova)
21 Feb 14
Khadija Ismayil published a document on the secret service spying on the opposition. Prosecutors say that's a state secret.
Areg Gevorgyan, head of public affairs for the opposition Armenian National Congress. (Photo: Nazik Armenakyan)
21 Feb 14
March 1 demonstration will commemorate post-election violence of 2008.