ACR Issue 337

The Kenyan government conducts an annual disarmament programme alongside the National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons. (Photo: Capital FM)
6 Feb 13
Critics say government needs to get tough on illegally-held weapons in tense areas ahead of March elections.
Rift Valley farmers are choosing not to plant their maize crop in the coming weeks. (Photo: Bernt Rostad/Flickr)
25 Jan 13
Farmers hold off planting because of electoral violence concerns.
Kenyan police are "ill-equipped" ahead of elections. (Photo: DEMOSH/Flickr)
25 Jan 13
Force still under-resourced and poorly equipped as March polls approach.
Stephen J. Rapp, Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues. (Photo: U.S. Mission/Eric Bridiers)
23 Jan 13
US steers clear of joining International Criminal Court, but it is now much more aligned with the court's goals than ever before.
23 Jan 13
Training and support for staff of country’s leading media on international justice and political reporting.
Kenya’s Chief Justice, Willy Mutunga, and Dean of Strathmore University Law School, Luis Franceschi, talk to reporters following the launch. (Photo: IWPR)
23 Jan 13
Online resource will serve as platform for journalists covering transitional justice and politics.
African leaders will debate the merits of establishing a regional war crimes tribunal for the continent. (Photo: Embassy of Equatorial Guinea/Flickr)
23 Jan 13
Plan to give existing African court powers to handle international-scale crimes come under scrutiny as sceptics question whether it could be independent and sustainable.