ACR Issue 327

15 May 13
Legacy of conflict, poverty and teacher shortage contribute to poor performance of region’s primary schools.
30 Apr 13
How have children born with the virus coped as they grew up?
15 Apr 13
Lack of midwives and key equipment have left some health facilities struggling to cope.
30 Mar 13
Fears grow over whether government will fill gap in support for former LRA combatants.
28 Feb 13
High numbers on remand and slow justice system are swelling in-mate numbers.
15 Feb 13
Are region’s forces any closer to apprehending notorious rebel leader?
31 Jan 13
Calls for a comprehensive re-stocking exercise following loses during region's wars.
14 Jan 13
Lawyers for Thomas Kwoyelo say he is being unfairly detained after High Court terminated his trial.
30 Dec 12
Victims still awaiting government support six years after government promises to support those injured during rebel war in northern Uganda.
15 Dec 12
They say continued detention of former Lord's Resistance Army commander without charge is unlawful.
30 Nov 12
Widespread fears that ongoing projects in war torn northern Uganda will be cut short.
15 Nov 12
New UN crop purchasing scheme is welcomed by growers in northern Uganda but not everyone has been able to access it.
30 Oct 12
Experts call for training and disciplinary action as force tops report on human rights violations.
15 Oct 12
Patients in the north complain of illicit payments requested by hospital staff and difficulties accessing specialist treatment.
30 Sep 12
Local government so under-resourced that it will find it hard to deliver ambitious development plan for northern areas.
15 Sep 12
How will projects help region recover after 20-year conflict?
30 Aug 12
As organisations representing claimants face questions, their critics demand more transparency.
15 Aug 12
But is enough being done to develop infrastructure at the local level in northern Uganda?
31 Jul 12
Following region’s 20-year rebel insurgency, concern that redevelopment efforts have ignored widespread psychological disorders stemming from conflict.
Children play on top of a vehicle destroyed during post-election violence in Kibera, Nairobi. (Photo: The Star/Kenya)
16 Jul 12
Government dragging its feet on court-ordered compensation for those shot by police during 2007-8 unrest.
15 Jul 12
As cases spread, parents are struggling to reach health centres to pick up medication.
30 Jun 12
Sudden change in country’s law prompts fears for those still being held by the rebels.
15 Jun 12
Security services draw criticism for failing to properly inform public of firearms collection programme.
30 May 12
Observers worried that threats to journalists and restrictions on media could derail redevelopment efforts in northern Uganda.
15 May 12
Concern that those in the north of the country will struggle to meet scheme's stringent application criteria.
30 Apr 12
Widespread concerns that under-resourced local government and police are not doing enough on child protection.