IWPR Postcard

IWPR Postcard is a regular strand featuring colourful reportage from our editors and reporters about places they are based and have recently visited.

Rebecca Vincent lifts a mask of Eynulla Fatullayev from her face, while other protesters look on. (Photo: Oliver Bullough)
21 Apr 2011
London-based activists lend their support for Azeri journalist jailed on defamation charges.
Guards marching outside the Kremlin. (Photo: Violetta Polese)
25 Mar 2011
Soviet-era relics are endearing to the visitor, but some think that they're symptomatic of a country that has been slow in changing.
Halabja struggles to move on 23 years after Iraqi military forces bombarded the Kurdish town with chemical weapons. (Photo: Kamaran Najm/Metrography)
21 Mar 2011
Those who survived Saddam's chemical attack two decades ago feel badly let down by the Kurdish authorities.
Nightime view of Sarajevo. (Photo: Lazhar Neftien)
11 Mar 2011
City devastated by Bosnian Serb siege has been transformed, boasting restored Austro-Hungarian buildings and gleaming new office blocks.
Sidi Bouzid residents blazed a trail for Tunisians desperate to better lives. (Photo: Susanne Fischer/IWPR)
1 Mar 2011
It's a nondescript, sleepy town miles away from anywhere, but Sidi Bouzid sparked the flames of rebellion across the Arab world.
Building of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. (Photo: Hanhil)
17 Feb 2011
IWPR trainee who reports on ICC-related issues in eastern DRC pays visit to The Hague to witness firsthand the trials she follows back home.
Sadr City makes up about five per cent of Baghdad's total area, yet houses half the city's population.  (Photo:Sgt. Jerry Saslav/DVIDSHUB)
8 Feb 2011
Some are less obvious than others as Sadr City undergoes cultural and economic change.
Anti-Mubarak protesters make their presence felt in central Cairo. (Photo: Daniella Peled)
1 Feb 2011
Thousands descend on central Cairo, hoping, chanting and praying for change.
Constance and Johnny dancing on their wedding day,
21 Jan 2011
Congolese journalists speak of love, work and relationships as one of their colleagues prepares to tie the knot.
Demonstrators in Bi’lin in 2005 – protests have been staged here every Friday for the last six years. (Photo:  Socksasgloves)
12 Jan 2011
Weekly West Bank confrontation pitting the IDF against Palestinians and Israeli sympathisers is rarely short on drama.