IWPR Postcard

IWPR Postcard is a regular strand featuring colourful reportage from our editors and reporters about places they are based and have recently visited.

The epic figure of Manas rides forward on Bishkek’s main square, providing what the authorities hope will be a symbol of national unity. (Photo: Dina Tokbaeva)
14 Sep 2011
Authorities in continual search for new symbol of national identity.
Amir al-Shimmari spent 22 years entombed underground. (Photo: Emad al-Shara)
8 Sep 2011
Despite trying to lead a normal life since 2003, Amir al-Shimmari remains scarred by years secluded in a cell he built himself.
Holiday homes near Lake Issykkul. (Photo: Almaz Rysaliev)
27 Aug 2011
Tourist industry yet to recover from 2010 violence.
Central Belgrade. (Photo: Denis Barthel/Wikimedia)
15 Aug 2011
Sarajevo journalist goes back for first time since the war, impressed by city’s progress but mindful of its past.
Yvonne (Joanna) Botteau Jacques at her home in Murguzalli. (Photo: Sabuhi Mammadli)
1 Aug 2011
IWPR reporter comes across elderly Frenchwoman with extraordinary story to tell, and one wish – to visit her home once more.
The top of the Sulaiman Mountain provides a panoramic view of the city. (Photo: Sam Barataliev)
21 Jul 2011
Sacred mountain offers reminders of more peaceful times as well as 2010 bloodshed.
The Imam Ali holy shrine in Najaf. (Photo: Qasim al-Kaabi)
13 Jul 2011
Long a place of pilgrimage for Iraqi Shia, the holy city now also draws national politicians eager to consult top religious figures.
Tahrir Square has been the site of demonstrations by various groups for months. (Photo: IWPR)
26 Jun 2011
The square has witnessed much of the country’s turbulent history.
Uvira, South Kivu. (Photo: Melanie Gouby)
13 Jun 2011
IWPR journalist and local trainee set out to report on efforts to combat alarming form of child abuse.
The Bridge of Peace spans the Kura river in Tbilisi. (Photo: Daniella Peled)
18 May 2011
Like the unpopular bridge in the capital, President’s Saakashvili vision of Georgia hasn’t quite captured the public imagination.