More than 100,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict. Almost two million have been forced to flee the country, most now living in refugee camps in neighbouring states. At least four million more have had to leave their homes because of the fighting and have become refugees in their own country.

Despite all this, remarkable numbers of journalists, civil society activists and human rights defenders in Syria continue working despite the perils they face.

As the conflict in Syria deepens, IWPR is extending its long-running programme to strengthen independent local voices and contribute to accountability and human rights in this extremely dangerous environment. 

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The paramedic who designed these makeshift gas masks makes them in yellow to persuade local children that they are dressing up as cartoon character Sponge Bob Squarepants. (Photo: Damascus Bureau/IWPR)
21 Oct 2013
Local man manufactures gas masks as they can't be brought into besieged area.
21 Oct 2013
For those who brave risks and attend, space is limited as many schools are occupied by refugees and soldiers.
17 Oct 2013
While reporting on conflict, activists can also think about future reconciliation and justice.
14 Oct 2013
Focus seems to be on Western governments' strategic aims to the exclusion of humanitarian concerns and Syrians' own wishes.
Suad holds up a placard saying "ISIS prisons=regime prisons". (Photo: Zaina Erhaim)
9 Oct 2013
When government forces held the city, she protested against their violence. Now she is standing up to a powerful Islamic militia.
9 Oct 2013
Animated film describes how post-conflict justice could develop in Syria.
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