More than 100,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict. Almost two million have been forced to flee the country, most now living in refugee camps in neighbouring states. At least four million more have had to leave their homes because of the fighting and have become refugees in their own country.

Despite all this, remarkable numbers of journalists, civil society activists and human rights defenders in Syria continue working despite the perils they face.

As the conflict in Syria deepens, IWPR is extending its long-running programme to strengthen independent local voices and contribute to accountability and human rights in this extremely dangerous environment. 

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12 Dec 2013
First government forces, now hardline Islamists intimidate, assault and abduct civil society activists.
11 Dec 2013
Short animated film from CyberArabs.
Hanadi Zahlout receives the Human Rights Defender Award from Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns, November 15, 2013. (Photo: US State Department)
28 Nov 2013
"A powerful symbol of both what is possible and what is necessary for Syria’s future."
15 Nov 2013
Caught between rebel and government forces, villagers fear attack from either.
28 Oct 2013
Free Syrian Army units join jihadi groups in power-struggle with Kurdish militia.
25 Oct 2013
Proliferation of firearms in private hands leads to family tragedies.
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