On the Scale - Darfur

On the Scale, or Fi al Mizan in Arabic, is a radio programme produced by IWPR. On the Scale is about local and international justice issues which are relevant to the lives of Darfuris. The shows are produced in Darfur Arabic and are broadcast directly into internal displacement camps in Darfur and refugee camps in eastern Chad.

Production team: Zakia Yousif, Tajeldin Abdhalla, Janet Anderson and Redouan Harrak.

Broadcasting terms: Rebroadcasting of material from the On the Scale section of the IWPR website (iwpr.net) is subject to written approval from IWPR. Please contact Simon Jennings

Latest Stories

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18 Feb 2010
ICC procedure under the spotlight as first Sudanese to appear before court will now not face trial.
10 Feb 2010
Genocide charge under scrutiny as court rules to review president's arrest warrant.
3 Feb 2010
Military chief rejects claims that armed forces are above the law.
1 Feb 2010
Activists say janjaweed units integrated into army should be held to account.
21 Jan 2010
Darfuri lawyers say laws need to be overhauled to enable rape prosecutions.
20 Jan 2010
Rights activists say Sudan’s emergency laws being unjustly applied in the region.
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