On the Scale - Darfur

On the Scale, or Fi al Mizan in Arabic, is a radio programme produced by IWPR. On the Scale is about local and international justice issues which are relevant to the lives of Darfuris. The shows are produced in Darfur Arabic and are broadcast directly into internal displacement camps in Darfur and refugee camps in eastern Chad.

Production team: Zakia Yousif, Tajeldin Abdhalla, Janet Anderson and Redouan Harrak.

Broadcasting terms: Rebroadcasting of material from the On the Scale section of the IWPR website (iwpr.net) is subject to written approval from IWPR. Please contact Simon Jennings

Latest Stories

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7 Dec 2010
Peacekeepers say they are in constant negotiations with Sudanese authorities to minimise restrictions.
15 Nov 2010
Government denies policy of deliberately inhibiting the work of international agencies providing aid to Darfur's IDP camps.
8 Nov 2010
ICC prosecutors say the Sudanese government continues to use hunger, rape and fear to attack Darfuri civilians.
31 Oct 2010
UNICEF says government interference is exacerbating malnutrition in IDP camps
25 Oct 2010
Children say they are forced to pay fees, but the government says provision is free.
18 Oct 2010
Special Representative says lack of education and safety needs to be addressed.
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