On the Scale - Darfur

On the Scale, or Fi al Mizan in Arabic, is a radio programme produced by IWPR. On the Scale is about local and international justice issues which are relevant to the lives of Darfuris. The shows are produced in Darfur Arabic and are broadcast directly into internal displacement camps in Darfur and refugee camps in eastern Chad.

Production team: Zakia Yousif, Tajeldin Abdhalla, Janet Anderson and Redouan Harrak.

Broadcasting terms: Rebroadcasting of material from the On the Scale section of the IWPR website (iwpr.net) is subject to written approval from IWPR. Please contact Simon Jennings

Latest Stories

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27 Apr 2012
Darfuri refugees in Eastern Chad say they have not seen representatives of the ICC in over a year.
19 Apr 2012
Despite backing from the United Nations many still say it is not yet safe to go home.
23 Feb 2012
Women use song to incite men into conflict with neighbouring tribes.
17 Feb 2012
Legal experts in Darfur are concerned at the violent suppression of student protests.
7 Feb 2012
Gruelling, poorly paid construction work is seen as the only way of earning an income.
14 Dec 2010
Prosecutors say rebels are responsible for killing AU peacekeepers and looting property.
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