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Running since 2006, News Briefing Central Asia is a multilingual news analysis and comment service focusing on Central Asia’s two most closed states, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Drawing on unique insights and the expertise of a broad range of commentators and experts, the stories cover political and economic developments in the two states and their extremely poor records on human rights, media freedom and democracy.

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Human rights defender Yelena Urlaeva outside the chief prosecutor’s office in Tashkent, holding up a sign calling for an end to child labour on cotton plantations in Uzbekistan. (Photo: Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan)
13 Oct 12

Uzbekistan’s cotton harvest is in full swing, and as in every other year the authorities are pressing students and public-sector workers into service as farm labour.

Umida Ahmedova and Oleg Karpov in Bishkek. (Photo: IWPR)
10 Oct 12

Filmmakers Umida Ahmedova and Oleg Karpov may not be popular with the authorities in their own country Uzbekistan, but they walked away with first prize at an international festival held in neighbo

8 Oct 12

More and more people are leaving Turkmenistan in search of a better life elsewhere, according to sources in the country.

Turkmen rights activist Vyacheslav Mamedov. (Photo: IWPR)
5 Oct 12

Human rights activists from Turkmenistan will discuss the country’s dismal record when they address the European Parliament’s human rights subcommittee on October 9.

1 Oct 12

Uzbekistan’s president Islam Karimov is in Turkmenistan trying to win the support of his counterpart Gurbanguly Berdymuhammedov for his campaign to block hydroelectric projects in Tajikistan

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