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Running since 2006, News Briefing Central Asia is a multilingual news analysis and comment service focusing on Central Asia’s two most closed states, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Drawing on unique insights and the expertise of a broad range of commentators and experts, the stories cover political and economic developments in the two states and their extremely poor records on human rights, media freedom and democracy.

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7 Feb 13

Teachers and other public-sectors professionals in Uzbekistan have always been forced to take part in notionally voluntary community tasks.

Uzbekistan’s main HIV/AIDS centre in Tashkent. (Photo: IWPR)
30 Jan 13

A shortage of retroviral medicines used to treat HIV/AIDS in Uzbekistan is being put down to the government’s policy of understating national infection rates, and hence the amount of drugs it

29 Jan 13

Cuts to family benefits and pensions caused by a shortfall in government revenues are likely to increase hardship in Uzbekistan.

Uzbek migrant workers get little support from their government if they run into trouble abroad. (Photo: Andrey Kudryashov/IWPR archive)
25 Jan 13

After years of ignoring the fact that large numbers of people are forced to leave Uzbekistan in search of work, President Islam Karimov has described it as “a shame on the nation” that

Headquarters of Turkmentelecoms in Ashgabat. The forthcoming privatisations will include telecommunications. (Photo: IWPR)
17 Jan 13

The Turkmen government has announced a privatisation programme, although there are doubts about how successful it will be given the failure of a similar effort in the 1990s.

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