Activities under this project support the development of an independent network of journalists and media content producers operating across Libya, driving the production and dissemination of credible and reliable news reporting and analysis.

The launch ceremony for the grants scheme was attended by  Libyan government, EU, Deutsche Welle Akademie and IWPR representatives. Tripoli, March 19, 2014. (Photo: IWPR)
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17 Apr 14
IWPR running grants scheme to help media outlets grow and develop.
University of Tripoli students use the media lab work stations during the March 26 launch event for the media training facility. (Photo: Ibrahim El-Mayet)
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4 Apr 14
Libya needs people to go into journalism, UK ambassador says at launch of IWPR-backed media training facility.
Photojournalism training for Germa news agency staff. (Photo: Small World News)
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24 Oct 13
Journalists in underreported south gain new multimedia skills and start putting them into practice.
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24 May 13
IWPR helps radio stations reach out to a wider audience.
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20 May 13
Supported by IWPR, the service is already becoming an authoritative news source on the poorly-reported south.
Radio show which IWPR helped produce at Benghazi FM. (Photo: IWPR)
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17 May 13
Advice for under-resourced newsrooms, one-to-one mentoring for editorial staff.

Developed Resources and Tools

Related handbooks and printed materials produced by IWPR.


Election reporting is, in essence, no different from any other form of reporting. But during election campaigns, the media as well as politicians come under even more intense scrutiny than usual, as the public follows the news with greater interest than normal. Any report is monitored for possible bias, distortion or inaccuracies. In such an atmosphere, journalists and editors have to maintain even more care and diligence than usual. This is when the good habits of impartial reporting, fact-checking and reliable sourcing really come into their own. This handbook is a practical guide for journalists reporting on elections in Libya, and is based on IWPR’s wide experience of training and working with reporters in the Middle East and in Africa, Europe and Asia.

English, Arabic...

This handbook is a practical guide for journalists in crisis areas, which is based on IWPR’s wide experience of training and working with journalists in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The handbook teaches international reporting standards, explaining the journalistic process clearly, from subject choice to final editing. The modules are enhanced with examples and extracts from previously published IWPR stories from around the world.