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Building Capacity, Building Bridges: Conflict Prevention in Eurasia

This 2011-14 project, funded by the Norwegian foreign ministry, covers Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and places particularly emphasis on women and young people.

It contributes to conflict resolution and development by building bridges across conflict lines and divided communities, using media to reach out to a broad audience, reduce prejudice and inform debate.

The project includes three major components:

• Capacity building: working to develop NGOs’ ability to design effective media strategies; and to improve local media’s awareness of issues around women, young people and conflict prevention, and ability to report on these issues objectively.

• Reporting: generating news analysis stories, special reports and features, with a particular focus on women, youth and conflict prevention.

• Public dialogue: engaging citizens and government in key concerns, via thematic debate/conference events and public presentations.

Media as a Tool for Stability and the Promotion of Democratic Governance in Tajikistan

Under this one-year project funded by the Finnish foreign ministry and ending in September 2012, IWPR is providing specialised training to journalists and editors and some civil society activists.

The emphasis is on conflict prevention and on the rights and empowerment of women and young people in Tajikistan.

Principal components:

  • Training: encouraging selected media partners and journalists to expand coverage of women’s rights, youth and resource issue, through training and mentoring;
  • Public dialogue: discussing the role of media, in particular how reporting can tackle sensitive issues like women’s rights and youth issues; agreeing a road map for future collaboration, networking and better coverage;
  • Reporting: focused on key identified issues facing young people and women, and resource concerns as flashpoints of conflict. Investigative reports produced by reporters and researchers working with women’s rights activists. Radio stories on women, young people and conflict, broadcast by partner radio stations.

News Briefing Central Asia: Reporting on Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

The governments of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have made it their business to eliminate independent journalism and stop foreign correspondents reporting on the domestic situation, so that all that remains are tame state or quasi-state media outlets that follow the official line and submit to censorship.

News Briefing Central Asia seeks to provide a lifeline for courageous journalists who remain, and give them a platform where their stories can be published and syndicated to newspapers in the region, to create better awareness of developments in these two closed states.

The project also strives to promote the principles of professional, fair, and accurate journalism in these countries, by encouraging participating journalists to generate insightful analysis backed by informed comment.