Since the fall of the old regime, IWPR has worked to build skills, enhance institutions and support reliable media production across the country, working with local journalists and media outlets. Our goal is to establish a widespread culture of professionalism, seeking to inculcate an appreciation of international skills and standards – what some Iraqis now refer to as the “IWPR approach” to balanced and responsible reporting. Our work is distinguished by a hands-on, practical approach to training and production. Workshop-based formal instruction is supported by extensive follow-on mentoring in producing quality reporting. Expert support, guidance and feedback over the entire course of the journalistic process layer in experience-based learning for the long-term, while resulting in an increase of factual, reliable and high quality reporting.

Latest Stories

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Participants in IWPR-organised photography workshop learn how to use camcorders. (Photo: IWPR)
21 Oct 2011
Scheme aimed at improving women's prospects in advertising and design begins with Baghdad photography workshop.
The Sayedat al-Najat Syriac Catholic church in Baghdad. (Photo: Rafy/Wikimedia)
12 Oct 2011
They have fled in droves to escape sectarian violence, but now Kurdish politicians are helping some rebuild their lives.
IWPR Iraq Facebook page: Iraq Human Rights Media Links.
9 Sep 2011
Arabic-language initiative aims to link activists across the country.
Amir al-Shimmari spent 22 years entombed underground. (Photo: Emad al-Shara)
8 Sep 2011
Despite trying to lead a normal life since 2003, Amir al-Shimmari remains scarred by years secluded in a cell he built himself.
Asaib Ahl al-Haq shows off some of its weapons. (Photo: IWPR)
31 Aug 2011
A Shia militia in Iraq has stepped up its attacks on United States troops, warning them to withdraw by the end of December or face an escalation in violence.
31 Aug 2011
People returning from other Arab countries say they are excluded from government assistance programme.
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