Since the fall of the old regime, IWPR has worked to build skills, enhance institutions and support reliable media production across the country, working with local journalists and media outlets. Our goal is to establish a widespread culture of professionalism, seeking to inculcate an appreciation of international skills and standards – what some Iraqis now refer to as the “IWPR approach” to balanced and responsible reporting. Our work is distinguished by a hands-on, practical approach to training and production. Workshop-based formal instruction is supported by extensive follow-on mentoring in producing quality reporting. Expert support, guidance and feedback over the entire course of the journalistic process layer in experience-based learning for the long-term, while resulting in an increase of factual, reliable and high quality reporting.

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IWPR classes on marketing and photography, Baghdad, June 2012. (Photo:  Haider Khuder)
9 Jul 2012
Participants study marketing and photography in preparation for female-run advertising agency.
Graffiti saying "No sectarianism" on an anti-blast wall in Baquba, Diyala province, April 2012. (Photo: IWPR)
20 Jun 2012
Mainstream politicians on all sides agree on the threat, but critics say they should set example of unity themselves.
Mosul, the administrative centre of Nineveh province. (Photo: Ahmed Younis)
7 Jun 2012
Despite recent history of violence, Sunni Arab and Kurdish politicians in Nineveh are beginning to cooperate.
Iraqi refugees earning a living at the Seyyida Zeinab market in Damascus. Picture from 2007. (Photo: UNHCR)
23 May 2012
Government says its resettlement programme has boosted numbers, though main driver seems to be fear of violence in host states.
Preparing to fire into the air during a funeral in Mosul, northern Iraq. (Photo:  Ahmed Younis)
16 May 2012
In a country plagued by violence, legalising firearms ownership looks like a step in the wrong direction.
At a demonstration in Baghdad in September 2011, protestors hold up a picture of Hadi al-Mahdi, an Iraqi journalist shot dead at his home. (Photo: Khalid Waleed)
11 May 2012
Number of reporters killed down, but Iraq still ranks poorly for press freedom.
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