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Programme Highlights

Le but de ce projet, mené par IWPR à La Haye et à Goma, est de renforcer la capacité des femmes journalistes à l'Est de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) en favorisant le développement d'un collectif de femmes journalistes indépendant.

Training programme in Juba ahead of new series addressing women’s rights in areas bordering Sudan.

Face à la Justice est une émission de radio qui a pour but d’apporter des informations et des analyses sur la justice et les droits de l’homme à l’Est de la RDC.

Facing Justice - Uganda is a radio programme discussing issues of justice and human rights in northern Uganda.

This handbook is intended for journalists undertaking one of the most challenging, important and potentially rewarding of tasks: reporting on the trials of war crimes suspects or investigating war crimes on the ground.

This practical guide for journalists in crisis areas is based on IWPR’s wide experience of training and working with journalists in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Reporting on Justice and the ICC

Through its reporting on justice issues, IWPR closely follows developments at the ICC as well as legal accountability mechanisms at the local level. It also provides extensive multimedia coverage of the experiences of victims of atrocities in places like Darfur, northern Uganda and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. At the same time, IWPR targets specific local and international audiences involved in research, policy, lawmaking and advocacy around human rights issues.

Through its networks of local journalists producing independent, balanced reports, IWPR’s justice programme serves as a catalyst for advancing accountability mechanisms the world over and linking them to developments on the ground.

IWPR’s ability to gather and publish information from the countries concerned – many of which restrict media freedom – allows it to analyse complex issues and create a platform for possible solutions on a local and international scale.

Reporting on Justice and Rule of Law in Africa

The overall aim of IWPR’s work on justice in Africa is to enable vulnerable populations in the DRC, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda to formulate opinions and make informed decisions. To achieve this aim, IWPR’s justice project is designed to increase the capacity of local reporters’ networks to promote vigilant scrutiny of the rule of law. Access to accurate, balanced information helps empower local populations to drive and shape change for themselves.

Through its journalism training for print and radio in Uganda, DRC and Sudan, IWPR has raised the profile of international justice issues in Africa. By anchoring its justice programme in The Hague, and supporting local journalists and a range of media organisations in-country, IWPR has built up the capacity of local media to report on international and post-conflict justice issues.

More specifically, IWPR’s work in Africa has included:

  • Training hundreds of local journalists to report on impunity and accountability issues in East and Central Africa and to report on developments around the ICC in The Hague. 
  • Regular, professional reporting and the dissemination and syndication of publications on human rights. 
  • Establishing reporter and radio networks in northern Uganda and eastern DRC to provide comprehensive region-wide analysis on post-conflict development, justice and rule-of-law issues. 
  • Producing and broadcasting radio programmes such as Facing Justice - DRC, Facing Justice - Northern Uganda and On the Scale - Darfur. These programs are broadcast in local languages and disseminated to millions of people across the target countries. 
  • Hosting internships for Congolese journalists in The Hague to teach them to report on trials and build their reporting skills up to international standards.