International Justice - ICTY

A flagship of IWPR programming, and one of our longest continuing initiatives, our International Justice program seeks to extend public understanding of, and support for, international justice processes – with a focus on affected regions. For the Balkans, and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, IWPR continues to produce weekly reports, while recently launching a weekly radio program, Facing Justice, broadcast across the region. For the International Criminal Court, IWPR is working with African journalists from the target countries of Sudan, DR Congo, and Uganda, producing reporting and radio programming, hosting training exchanges in The Hague and public debates in the regions in association with civil society groups.

Latest Stories

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Radovan Karadzic in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
21 Mar 2014
Filing related to a previously unknown grave site found in Prijedor last year.
Momcilo Perisic. (Photo: ICTY)
21 Mar 2014
Prosecution wanted review of decision it said was based on use of “erroneous legal standard”.
Azemina Sulejmanovic in her old "classroom" where a teacher used to come and home-school her. (Photo: Sanja Vrzić)
19 Mar 2014
Images of life in a remote village for a Bosniak family with nowhere else to go.
17 Mar 2014
Displaced family from Srebrenica still dream of finding a permanent home 20 years after the war.
14 Mar 2014
Defendant had claimed the American embassy monitored confidential calls with lawyer.
7 Mar 2014
Newly uncovered burial site said to be “directly relevant” to charges.
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