International Justice/ICC Links

  • Africa Photo
  • Africa FM
  • All Africa Global Media
    AllAfrica Global Media is a multi-media content service provider, systems technology developer and electronic distributor of African news and information worldwide. Registered in Mauritius, with offices in Johannesburg, Dakar, Lagos and Washington, D.C., AllAfrica is one of a family of companies that aggregate, produce and distribute news from across Africa to tens of millions of end users.
  • International Criminal Court (ICC)
    The International Criminal Court (ICC), governed by the Rome Statute, is the first permanent, treaty based, international criminal court established to help end impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern to the international community.
  • Interactive Radio For Justice
    Interactive Radio For Justice is a project designed to encourage dialog between people in regions where the International Criminal Court (ICC) is investigating the most serious crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes) and the national and international authorities responsible for rendering justice to them.
  •  IJCentral
    IJCentral is at the core of a 3-year campaign produced by Skylight Pictures to build global public awareness of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and contribute to a constituency that will support an effective international justice system. 
  • The Lubanga Trial
    IWPR-Netherlands and the Open Society Justice Initiative are engaged in a joint effort designed to inform and engage the Congolese community about international justice issues as they are expressed through the Lubanga trial. The new initiative is to build an independent, multi-media, interactive public information and outreach campaign around the Lubanga trial.
  • Radio Dabanga
    Radio Dabanga is a project of the Radio Darfur Network, a coalition of Sudanese Journalists and international (media) development organizations, supported by a consortium of international donors, humanitarian community organizations and local NGO’s. Radio Dabanga is conceived, operated and facilitated by Press Now in the Netherlands.
  • Radio Netherlands Worldwide - International Justice
    Radio Netherlands Worldwide provides news, background and cultural information to millions of people throughout the world via radio, television and the internet. This is done from a Dutch-European perspective, in ten languages. Radio Netherlands Worldwide is one of the top five international broadcasters alongside the BBC, Voice of America, Radio France Internationale and Deutsche Welle.